ER Collets

Optimize your work in many ways:

Pioneer has updated our collet offering to meet the high demands of precision cutting tools and high performance applications.

ER collets are now offered in 3 classes
  • General Purpose
  • Ultra Precision Stainless Steel
  • Precision - GERC-B - Replaced by Ultra Precision Stainless
  • Ultra Precision - GERC-HP - Metric On Demand FOB Germany
Additional Options
  • Sealed ER - Sealed by Design, 1,500 PSI
  • Tap ER - ANSI and DIN available
  • Standard 10 Microns @ 2D (0.0004” @ 2D)
  • Replaced by Stainless - GERC-B Precision 5 Microns @ 3D (0.0002” @ 3D) & Anti-Rust Coating
  • Metric Only FOB Germany - GERC-HP Ultra Precision 2 Microns @ 3D (0.00008” @ 3D) & Anti-Rust Coating
  • HP Blue Ring is for Identification Only and will need to be removed prior to usage.

Note: Due to extreme cost increase by supplier GERC inch collets will be discontinued April 2019 and GERC-HP on demand fob Germany.

New Stainless Steel ER Ultra Precision Collets

Pioneer Stainless Steel Collets are only available in a 5 micron (0.0002”) TIR @ 3D.

ER UP Collet Test

The picture above is a standard ER collet and a Stainless Steel Collet that were submerged in Chicago tap water for 3 months. The stainless collet showed no corrosion anywhere compared to the standard collet.

420 Stainless is a 12% Chromium high carbon material which provides high hardenability and superior corrosion resistance. 420 Stainless allows us to harden the collets to Rc45, similar hardness as most standard ER collets in the market today.

Available in ER11-ER32 in select sizes.

Coolant Cap Nut

For Coolant Caps

Coolant Cap Nut
Bearing Nuts

Non Coolant, High Performance, High Torque

Coolant Cap Nut
Coolant Cap Usage
ER Collet

ER Collet