ER Collets

Optimize your work in many ways:

Pioneer has updated our collet offering to meet the high demands of precision cutting tools and high performance applications.

ER collets are now offered in 3 classes
  • General Purpose
  • Precision - GERC-B
  • Ultra Precision - GERC-HP
Additional Options
  • Sealed ER - Sealed by Design, 1,500 PSI
  • Tap ER - ANSI and DIN available
  • Standard 10 Microns @ 2D (0.0004” @ 2D)
  • GERC-B Precision 5 Microns @ 3D (0.0002” @ 3D) & Anti-Rust Coating
  • GERC-HP Ultra Precision 2 Microns @ 3D (0.00008” @ 3D) & Anti-Rust Coating
    • HP Blue Ring is for Identification Only and will need to be removed prior to usage.

Coolant Cap Nut

For Coolant Caps

Coolant Cap Nut
Bearing Nuts

Non Coolant, High Performance, High Torque

Coolant Cap Nut
Coolant Cap Usage

Precision & Ultra Precision Collets—GERC

GERC collets are manufactured with a higher surface hardness than other premium collets in the industry. Combine that with a anti-rust coating for corrosion protection, and you have a collet that will last.

GERC are available in 2 grades, Precision which is 5 microns TIR @ 3 times diameter of the tool shank from the collet face and Ultra Precision which is 2 microns TIR @ 3 times diameter. GERC08 collets are 10 microns & 5 microns respectively.

Quality protection, investment protection and environmental protection all in one:

The nominal geometry between the collet and the taper seat in the chuck is maintained for a long lasting permanent surface contact without corrosion-related irregularities. The parts in manufacturing stay longer in the specified tolerances. The number of faulty parts decreases. You can keep production processes longer on a high level, you can save time and you can also guarantee short terms of delivery.

A higher concentricity extends the tool lives. Thus, you save time and money by reducing set up times. Collets have to be replaced less frequently or can be used longer for precision applications. Less imbalance on the tools relieves the machine spindle permanently – your maintenance costs will be reduced. Longer service life saves valuable resources. This means: no matter in which field you can benefit from the new technology in any case.

ER Collet

Rust on collets reduce the lifetime of your tools and leads to significant loss of precision. A pioneering new technology which protects collets from corrosion in the long term.

GERC Collets are Made In Germany.

ER Collet

ER Collet